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Top Bachelorette Party Ideas

top party ideas

If you are organising a hen party then it is a very important task and you will only get one shot at it, so if you want to ensure that the bride has a great send-off from her mates, then you will need to put your thinking hat on, especially if you wish to avoid all those old clichés.

Nowadays hen parties tend to be much more sophisticated affairs than they used to be. In the past all you needed were bunny ears, an L-plate and a male stripper or two. Of course if you are still into that sort of thing its fine, anything goes. But if you are looking for something a little more up-market then here are a few suggestions to get you going.

Go on a City Break

With a City Break you can organise all your activities yourself or you can use a holiday company that specialises in hen weekends to organise it for you. You don’t need to restrict yourself to cities in Great Britain either; why not take a city break in Paris, or Amsterdam or Prague or any other of the wonderful European cities?

If you feel like venturing out of Europe then you might consider taking a flight over to Las Vegas where you will be guaranteed to have a great time and an unforgettable experience; Vegas has become a very popular venue for both hen and stag parties.

Take a Pole Dancing Course

Pole dancing is the latest way of working out, and it has lost that somewhat sleazy reputation that it used to have. Not only is it a great way to exercise, it is also an art form and sensuous too.

Pole dancing is championed by many celebrities and more and more women are coming to realise what a terrific way it is for getting and keeping in shape. A Pole Dancing day for the girls is going to be a load of fun, and you will all come away having learned a new skill which some of you might take further and eventually become expert at the sport.

You will find Pole Dancing days with first class instructors available all over the country; and of course no men are allowed.

If the bride-to-be finds that she enjoys pole dancing, then you can buy a pole for her as a wedding gift from the girls. Poles such as the X-Pole Xpert are fully portable and adjustable, they don’t have to be permanently fixed or drilled into place, and you can erect and take then down in just a few minutes; in fact they fit in just about any room. She might even decide to take it on honeymoon.

Spend a Weekend in a Luxury Spa

You know you are worth it, so why not take the girls for a weekend in a luxury spa? You will all love it and you will come home not only feeling better then when you went but looking better too, and what better way could there be for a bride (and bridesmaids) to prepare for the big occasion?

Find a spa in a gorgeous setting, stay in beautiful rooms, enjoy excellent food and drink, indulge yourselves in a range of spa treatments such as whole body massage, rehydration, facials, hair treatment and make-over, do a little fitness training, but overall have fun.

These are just a few ideas to help you plan the best hen party; we hope that they will inspire you to think a little out of the box and that you all enjoy a hen party that is just a little bit different.

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