happy couple marriage

How to Make Your Wedding Decorations Unique

happy couple marriage

There is not a single woman that does not want her wedding day to be special and leave her guests with a good impression. Besides the dress and table decorations, the guests at your wedding will also take a close look at your wedding decoration.

Therefore, you want those decorations to be unique and everyone to envy you for being able to find an arrangement that they cannot reproduce. The problem with unique decorations is that they are very expensive.

A solution to this problem can be to use indoor fountains as your wedding decor centerpiece, because they are elegant and stylish and, if arranged properly, they can give your wedding that je ne sais quoi you are looking for.

The most commonly used arrangements for wedding centerpieces nowadays are candles and flowers. These two elements are a part of every wedding. However, you can improve those arrangements by adding a water fountain.

A wedding is a moment when you can feel very nervous as the moment to exchange vows and say “I do” approaches. Just imagine what the sound of flowing water can do for the bride, groom and even the guests, especially the parents-in-law.

Picking a water fountain for the wedding is not a hard task since there are many offers all over the Internet. What you should decide is whether you want a corded water fountain or a fountain that works on batteries.

To avoid complications and guests tripping over the cord and damaging the decoration you should probably go for the battery-sustained fountain. Another important aspect when choosing your water fountain for the wedding is that they tend to splash around if the reservoir is not full.

Therefore, make sure you start the wedding reception with a full reservoir and you purchase a water fountain that prevents splashing. If you are on a tight budget then renting a water fountain can be an alternative.

What is great about the water fountain is that it is not a piece of decoration that you will store in your cellar after the wedding. On the contrary, unlike flowers that have to be thrown away very soon after the wedding, the water fountain can become a centerpiece of your home. Even more, if you decided to add a small fountain on each table then they can be nice souvenirs for your guests.