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Stress Free Weddings and How to Plan Your Big Day Without Worry


Planning your wedding is supposed to be a fun and exciting experience, however,  many people let the stress get to them and stop enjoying the planning process.

Your wedding should be one of the biggest and most memorable days of your life so it’s important not to lose sight of why you’re planning the wedding in the first place.

Using a Wedding Planner

As weddings become more and more extravagant they’re not as easy to plan by yourself. This is why hiring a wedding planner is a great idea if you’re having a less traditional affair. The majority of people nowadays live pretty hectic lifestyles and therefore don’t have the time to plan their own wedding, no matter how much they might want to.

Hiring a wedding planner will mean that you make all of the major choices as you would expect like the colour scheme, venue and wedding vehicles but you won’t have to deal with any of the phone calls, meetings or other elements of planning a wedding that can quickly become extremely stressful – especially on top of an already busy life.

Allow Yourself Plenty of Preparation Time

Take your time researching local venues, colour schemes, décor and entertainment for the reception. You’ll see everything there is on offer and be able to book your first choice of suppliers, rather than having to settle for somebody you’re not as keen on at the last minute.

The entertainment is particularly important so if you’re planning on hiring a band or anything similar. It’s a good idea to go and see them yourselves before you book them for the big day in case they turn out to be nothing like you expected.

It’s important to schedule your wedding far enough in the future so that you don’t need to rush into any hasty decisions, or be forced to make a decision, that you wouldn’t have made if you hadn’t been pushed for time. A lot of people panic when planning their wedding because they think they’ll lose the date, the venue or the supplier that they really want if they don’t rush into booking something.

You stand to lose a lot more by rushing into bookings because the likelihood is that you’ll need to cancel something as your plans develop. You might also lose your deposits for the things that you cancel.

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Be organised

If you’re not using a wedding planner, then keeping everything organised is the only way to be on top of your plans. You should have a calendar that’s dedicated to your wedding arrangements so that you can keep a record of any deposits you’ve paid, anything you’ve booked – i.e. the venue along with the date and time that it’s been booked for – and any collections or appointments that you might need to make or keep.

On average it takes over twelve months to plan a successful wedding and in that time you’ll be making a lot of appointments to see various wedding people.

Ignore other Opinions

When planning your own wedding there’s a danger that a lot of people – especially your family and close friends – will start to offer up their opinions on how they think things should be done.

Although you don’t want everyone providing conflicting opinions on how they think you should plan the day it’s important not to shut everyone out because planning the entire affair alone will be difficult.

If you strongly disagree with an opinion offered to you, you need to politely thank your friend or family member for their input but gently remind them whose big day it is.

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Remember Why you’re Planning a Wedding

There’s no doubting the fact that planning a wedding is stressful and it can often be the arguments between you and your partner over small arrangements that causes the most stress.

Try to make it a priority to take a bit of time away from the wedding planning every now and then so that you don’t forget why you’re actually going through it all.

This might mean both of you taking time out once a month to go on a date night or you even taking time once a week to cook each other dinner or have a film night at home.

When it comes to wedding planning it’s all too easy to forget the reason why you’re getting so stressed. Taking time out every once in a while to spend time with each other will remind you why it’s all worth it.

Once you’ve taken as much stress out of the wedding planning process as possible, you’ll be free to enjoy the day that you’ve spent so long planning. The day will go by quicker than you can even imagine so be sure to take everything in so that you have plenty of memories to treasure in the future.

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