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Frequent Wedding Disasters

wedding disaster

1) Drunken bride! This happens sooooo often and it can be disastrous. At a wedding I attended, the bridal gown had been covered in vomit and the bride helped to her bed by eight o’clock, missing both the cutting of the cake and the first dance!

You can be pretty sure that’s the thing your guests will remember too! Forever! It’s all too easy to succomb to this too because the day usually begins with a glass of champagne.

You either need to keep an eye on your alcohol intake during the day or get a lot of drinking practise in during weeks leading up to it. Lol. (The second suggestion is not advised and definitely not if you’ve already had your final dress fitting!!)

2) Fainting. They’re always fainting on You’ve Been Framed so it must be true. Make sure your dress isn’t too tight and / or that your most well-behaved bridesmaid has been briefed to step in and cover the bridal knickers should you go down in an ungainly fashion

3) Punch-up. There’s usually a punch up between at least two guests at a wedding. All the right ingredients are there (mainly feuding relatives and a copious amount of booze) The secret to avoiding this is hiding in the loos. It’s your day, don’t get involved!

4) Tripping. You probably didn’t wear your new bridal shoes in enough (oh you meant to, but there was so much other stuff going on), plus you’re in a place you don’t know (with possibly all sorts of hidden steps and potholes). You’re wearing an unfamiliar, very long dress and you might have had a few…

5) Spillage on “the dress”. There’s no good answer to this. It’s not as if you’re going to want to change out of it. Best to just try and avoid (or just make everyone drink gin / champagne all day)

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